45 Best Trading Podcasts You Must Follow in 2022

The Marketing Book Podcast is not necessarily a tips and tactics kind of podcast, what it does is not to put you right into action but to give you the inspiration to do so, and it might be even better than https://forexarticles.net/ the former. Business changes and evolves every day, being relevant and consistent is a requirement. Thankfully, there is a new episode of Marketing School coming out every day, and it keeps coming.

We decided to put together a list of the best stock market podcasts to help you find some shows that resonate with your skill and interest level. It has been going on for a live, and in each episode, a new topic is highlighted and discovered. You must definitely listen to State of Demand Gen as it provides a wide variety of topics in different styles including successful B2B names. As the title of the podcast hints, it is about gaining a passive income through online marketing. It has 417 episodes as of today and a new episode comes out regularly, sometimes twice a day.

best market podcasts

It’s an affordable and convenient way to gain information without paying a professional such as a wealth manager or financial adviser. You can listen on the go and tune in at your convenience, and even go back and re-listen to especially informative episodes. Chris Hill and a panel of Motley Fool investment analysts provide listeners with some insight on the stock market implications of the week’s top business and financial news. In addition, Hill discusses the stocks on his radar and interviews industry experts and best-selling authors.

Life Kit: Money

With 10 years of content going back to 2010, there is an episode on anything and everything you would be interested in learning. The College Investor blog adds to that knowledge base by exploring other financial topics, such as saving for college and ideas for side hustles. Some investors rely on a professional financial advisor to guide them through their decision-making.

As with any world-class show, the audio quality with the show is above-average and allows for a professional and enjoyable listening experience. “One of my favorite marketing podcasts is Marketing Over Coffee hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn. Every week, the hosts record the show in a local coffee shop and have a casual conversation about some topics in marketing for about 20 minutes. capital broker review I really enjoy this podcast because it isn’t very long, it isn’t very formal, and it feels very much like a natural conversation I could be a part of. Sometimes, when listening to longer informational podcasts, my brain turns off a little bit. But the hosts on Marketing Over Coffee do a great job of bringing in interesting guests and tackling newer and more classic marketing tactics.

It’s another new-ish effort, having started in November last year and the first episodes are as good an introduction to ‘the rules’ of long term stock market investing as I’ve heard. Philip Town is a hedge fund manager and the author of three New York Times-bestselling investment books. Town learned the rules of investing when he was a river guide living hand to mouth. His stock market podcast, InvestED—the ED symbolizes the education in investing you’ll get if you listen—promises to teach stock market investors how to invest while staying true to their values.

best market podcasts

A recent example was Brian Deese, BlackRock’s Global Head of Sustainable Investing talking about ESG stocks. Just outside the top 10 is The Med Faber Show, where the focus is on helping listeners grow and preserve their wealth. Patrick O’Shaughnessy, CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, speaks with investors, founders and CEOs to capture and share the world’s best business and investing knowledge. His mission is to educate and enable builders as he explores the ideas and methods that will help listeners better invest their time and money. We Study Billionaires is the flagship podcast of The Investor’s Podcast Network with more than 30 million downloads. What we love about this podcast is that it gives you plenty of resources and ideas on where you can learn more about the stock market.

So only you can be the ultimate judge as to whether a podcast is great or not. Still, there are a few things you can keep in mind to prioritize listening time. This podcast focuses on reaching financial independence early by exploring tactics used by those who have achieved it. They tackle debt management, tax hacks, passive income streams, real estate, free travel, and more. Founded in 1993, Motley Fool has demystified investing for generations of investors.

Optimal Finance Daily

When it comes to real estate content and resources, BiggerPockets is the best of the best. First, not only is their flagship podcast one of the best in the business, but they also provide fantastic and invaluable resources and books on their website. In under 20 minutes, journalists from The Wall Street Journal sum up what is going on with politics, the economy, and the stock market.

Created by CNBC and hosted by Melissa Lee and, what they describe as ‘a roundtable of top traders,’ Fast Money is among the very best of the daily finance podcasts. Each day, the host and her guests look at what’s driving the markets, what happened overnight in Asia and what’s likely to happen in the period ahead. As a daily podcast, you wouldn’t expect the guests to be of the same caliber of Bloomberg’s weekly podcast , but Lee is such an adept interviewer that it doesn’t seem to matter. Robert understands that listeners have different facts, information, and opinions thrown at us constantly. His goal in this podcast is to break it all down for us to ensure that we make the right decisions for ourselves financially and strategically moving forward. Robert will share his own expertise while also bringing on professionals from around the world to talk about money, investing, business, and personal finance.

Simple, but Not Easy

DailyFX’s Trading Podcast, Trading Global Markets Decoded is a look through the world’s largest tradeable market, Foreign Exchange. This podcast is great for forex traders or those looking for investing research on a global scale. Wizzwatch is the place for active traders as well as individual investors to find the very best stocks on Wall St. We provide commentary, picks of the week, as well as stocks on the move. We cover thousands of publicly traded companies that trade on the NASDAQ, OTCBB, and the NYSE.

Stock futures are financial contracts that enable you to buy or sell stock at a specific price and on an agreed-upon date in the future. Brought to you by ARK Invest, FYI is a high-brow, intellectual take on future-defining technologies and the disrupting innovators that are pioneering them. The ARK research team was made famous in 2020 for some truly outstanding performance and this podcast is another way of getting an insight into the company and its processes. All of the big financial publications now have a podcast in some form or other, many of which aren’t behind a paywall.

By listening to this podcast regularly, you can get updated on the latest narratives around the stock market and Wall Street. The over-arching theme is buy and hold, which is a strategy that is great for any investor. This finance podcast leverages this by bringing in investment leaders from all sectors to offer advice and share their journey with listeners. In addition to investment advice, you’ll also find episodes covering topics like debt repayment, budgeting, real estate investing, money mindset and the Black financial independence journey.

Planet Money from NPR

Every day, Motley Fool analysts break down a specific industry and the stocks making headlines. LPL Financial Research team discusses current market trends and look ahead, sharing insightful projections on a weekly basis. Dvorak and Horowitz, unscripted and unrehearsed discuss markets, finance, and economy like no one else. Tune in every Friday for the latest from your favorite financial and investing commentators. Discover the strategies of value gurus like Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham and apply them to your own portfolio.

Best Investing Books 2022: Think Like an Investor

There are great podcasts from the likes of NPR and Morningstar as well as from individuals like Jamila Souffrant and Suze Orman. Covers intermediate level subject matters that can get more advanced and complex within some episodes. Ou understand and can apply the principles but you still have a bit of room to learn. Ultimately, this show is all about helping YOU achieve YOUR best life. Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Morningstar Index quotes are real-time. To further protect the integrity of our editorial content, we keep a strict separation between our sales teams and authors to remove any pressure or influence on our analyses and research.

Transparency is our policy. Learn how it impacts everything we do.

Short, thoughtful and regular takes on recent events in the markets from a variety of perspectives and voices within Morgan Stanley. Blogger Outreach or Influencer Marketing Reach thousands of authority bloggers and social media influencers in your domain area. Feedspot has over 100k Influential Bloggers database classified in more than 1500 niche categories. Hosts Molly Pittman, Ezra Firestone, and John Grimshaw are veteran marketers and educators in their own right, so you can expect lots of personal sharing on how they each found success.

Keep in mind, that other fees such as regulatory fees, Premium subscription fees, wire transfer fees, and paper statement fees may apply to your brokerage account. Please see Open to the Public Investing’s Fee Schedule to learn more. All investments involve the risk of loss and the past performance of a security or a financial product does not guarantee future results or returns.

He talks about things like earning extra cash before Christmas, whether or not to use a tax pro to review your taxes, benefits of credit cards versus debit cards, and how to grow your net worth by $5,000 a month. It’s a comprehensive look at everything a 20- or 30-something needs to know to find success as they begin investing. How you invest in your yen kronor 20s is likely to be very different from the way you approach it in your 50s or 60s. Jeremy Schwartz oversees research across the WisdomTree equity index family. Prior to joining WisdomTree, Jeremy was Professor Jeremy Siegel’s head research assistant and helped with the research and writing of Stocks for the Long Run and The Future for Investors.

CFI is the official provider of the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst ® Certification and offers 24 courses on finance, financial modeling, business valuation, and excel. This show takes a look at the week’s top business and financial news, and it explains what its implications might be on the stock market as well as new stocks that are arriving on the host’s radar. An interview show with a specific topic in mind, this podcast’s hosts interview real estate investors about their successes and failures, and they ask them how they found the success they have today. Although there aren’t quite as many investing podcasts as there are true crime podcasts, there are still plenty of great options to choose from in this space that provide actionable advice. The host’s goal with The Pomp Podcast is to help its listeners get smarter every day, by hearing discussions and interviews with the “most interesting” people in Bitcoin, crypto, business, and finance.

I also like when outside audio clips add context or atmosphere or when interviews are edited to feel more like a journalism piece than an audio dump. If you want to find specific tactics, look for a production with case studies or niche topics. You may also find you scalping strategy m15 like solo hosts, duos with friendly banter, or a revolving set of guests. Whether you’re new to personal finance or you’re a seasoned investor, there’s a financial podcast in this list for you. There are podcasts for beginners as well as more seasoned investors.

With four co-hosts, Tom Keene, Jon Ferro, Lisa Abramowicz, and Paul Sweeney, make up the team on the Bloomberg Surveillance podcast. The goal of the show is to provide daily insights to the latest global trends in finance, economics, and investing, by chatting with leading financial experts from across the world. As a retired software entrepreneur turned hedge fund manager, host Erik Townsend provides weekly stock market and macroeconomic commentary, as well as interviews some of the brightest minds in finance.

There is something to be said for learning from someone who has seen and done it all. Someone who has already done everything you want to do and more, allowing you to learn from their mistakes without having to make them yourselves. This not only provides motivation, but it also shows you, the listeners, that you can do it too while receiving updates in real-time. “The benefits of listening to podcasts is that it can help you increase your brand recognition, create a social media presence, and discover specific marketing campaigns that will your increase revenue,” says Pisani. Saul-Sehy and OG are regularly joined by recognized finance experts eager to share what they know about investing and money.

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