Activity-Based Management ABM Overview and How it Works

Activity-Based Management

For example, quality inspection is probably the number of inspections or hours spent for inspection. Traditional budget and control report analyses cost by type of expense at each cost center. In contrast, activities-based management analyses cost by activities and provide management with information on why the cost is incurred and the cost drivers. Simple, Activities Based Management builds the principle of activities-based costing and activities-based budgeting to improve the profitability of an organization. Activities Based Management is used to describe the cost management applications of Activities Based Costing. Activities Based Management views the business as linked activities that ultimately add value to the customers.

  • A cost accountant in ABC system is charged with the responsibility of analyzing the production processes in order to provide valuable information of the activities involved in the whole production process .
  • For example, an ABM analysis may recommend renting a less fancy office to save costs.
  • ABM system lays more emphasis on the cost of activities than the cost of products.
  • Learn the definition and examples of ABM and compare activity-based costing and traditional costing methods.
  • It is easy to allocate cost in an industry, which produces one product than in accompany which produces a wide array of products.

This method focuses on the management of activities that reduce costs and improve customer value. Good performance in any industry is based on the true product costs and cost drivers. The setting of performance measures will assist in the evaluation of a company’s performance over time. ABM system lays more emphasis on the cost of activities than the cost of products. By using ABC, better pricing practices can be achieved by using more accurate costing and identifying underutilized resources. It can be used to determine the cost of unused capacity and to make strategic management decisions that will reduce costs by reducing the amount of money spent on it.

Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB)

It is more accurate to calculate product costs, more effective to control costs, and more focused on the relevant factors that affect decision-making. In Strategic ABM, activity-based costing is used to analyze the profitability of an activity – such as the unrolling of a new product or acquiring a new customer – by using activity-based costing. By doing so, the company is able to identify which products and customers will be developed and/or pursued in order to boost sales and profitability. ABM is not just an approach but also a management philosophy, that is oriented towards planning, implementation and measurement of business activities. It helps in cost reduction and also provides a proper basis for management decision making. Without added value, such activities must be reduced for cost-saving purposes.

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However, innovation and invention has culminated in the discovery of a new model of cost accounting system, Activity-Based Management .This system has already been rolled out in the USA and Europe . In this regard, stock turn-over should be very high in order to reduce eth stock holding costs. The policies of the work force ought to be employee-friendly and result-oriented.

How Is Activity Based Management Implemented?

The appraisal costs refer to the clerical tasks which confirm whether the products conform to the required standards. Many companies have successfully employed this system especially the Tektronic and Zytec Corporation . This system has improved their business performances by a great magnitude.

Activity-Based Management

Activity-based costing can be considered an offshoot of activity-based management. ABM system enabled the firm use the cost drivers and activities in the cost ascertainment process.

Process design and improvement

Internal processes have been streamlined in order to realize the value of the activity based management. This management method has proved its value in reducing wastage, improving the quality, shortening of lead times Activity-Based Management and introducing new products faster. Nowadays, ABM can be applied to all types of enterprises and can be divided into a number of activities. These activities can be assessed on the basis of a cost-benefit analysis.

Activity-Based Management

They aren’t tied to a specific function with a traditional costing method, but the goal of activity-based costing is to tag them to a specific activity. A cost driver is an event related to a certain activity, which consumes the organization’s resources. The traditional cost accounting system employs only one cost driver in assigning cost to a product. ABM establishes relationships between overhead costs and activities so that the costs of products, services or customer segments can be calculated more accurately.

Strategic Activity Based Management

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Activity-Based Management

Operation management comprises of product planning, product design, quality control, process design, process improvement, employee management and inventory management. These processes are contained in the operation hexagonal model aforementioned and illustrated above.

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