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Anyone driving a vehicle over lbs needs a special license, esp. since most of them drive like they’re driving a compact car, and have NO IDEA how to drive a large vehicle. I’ve been saying for a long time that starting there, you ought to be required to take the full driver’s exam, esp the road part, every five years. As bad as 2018 was, the silver lining is that science fiction has never been more important. It’s time to double down on writing to give humans a roadmap to navigate our dark future.

You don’t have to support the potatoes off the ground, and that makes a difference. Of course, there isn’t much protein in a potato. In which, as predicted, fan-base finally turn and frankly that’s a torched YA career right there. This is a blog, and OGH is not the only one reading it. And maybe some other part of the AI we call “commentariat” might find this info useful.

  • “free market capitalism” in my experience normally describes a situation where government creates and maintains markets in which private industry operates.
  • With any luck, the wealthy whose minds can wrap around more than acquisitiveness will lean on the reactionaries to protect their own wealth.
  • They affect almost every trader irrespective of whether he is trading for a long time or is a novice.
  • Don’t forget, rural hospitals have been closing for economic reasons.

But instead they are eventually cornered even more than before. David L @ 874 Better might be the record of production of new military kit in that period… The “town” class cruisers, the last of which sits in the Thames today, increased production of fighter aircraft & speeding up the Chain Home radar system & ….. Just as a by the way there’s a lag effect on natality in famines, nine months later the birth rate drops down For Kievskaia it bottoms out Mar-May 1934 then slowly starts to recover again much worse in the rural population. “So, proposed number of deaths of 3, or maybe 8 millions would have had … much more severe effect on that population than different sorts of Bullocks suggest.” 1.a) Oh please, this is Standard Operating Procedure for any circumstances where records don’t exist or are untrustworthy to make statistical analysis. It’s been used to calculate the death toll of every plague and famine since the Roman Empire.

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If you know you’re doing this deliberately you’re pretty much Evil. Even if you’ve been conditioned to see it as moral. This is not about any particular people, it’s a systemic issue.

  • Now, if the guy wasn’t incompetent and a lousy human being, it’d be a bit better…but…maybe people may try more sensible stuff after the snake oil doesn’t work.
  • In a drought year with limited water like this one, a rice or cotton farmer may even chose to plant nothing and simply sell their remaining water allocation to another farmer.
  • By historical and global standards, that’s pretty damned good.
  • There was definite hardship as can be seen by the decline in meat consumption.
  • For context, there’s been something at the back of my mind for a while.

But right now the “good” operation is being utterly undermined by the “bad” operation. One is the result of Russian friendliness and hospitality (with some long-term self-benefit, of course) and the other operationi is an example of classic Russian paranoia… No one is saying there aren’t xcritical differences between the way capitalism works now vs Rome however its still the same economic system. Y’all probably should take another look at the dateline on the story – October 30, 2014. McConnell was running for reelection that year and was reelected 5 days later on November 4, 2014.

That’s despite a yield orders of magnitude higher. So no, there is no way this is a net energy loss. And that is once-through in existing designs, which leave well over 95 percent of the recoverable energy in the uranium. If we are going to these lengths to get uranium we can reprocess and use positive breeding ratio fast reactors, so multiply this by another twenty to thirty.

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SUV’s were marketed for sport, and offroad; meanwhile, an unnamed Ford exec, over 15 years ago, was quoted as “the only time 90% of the owners go offroad is when they miss their driveway at 3 in the morning, drunk”. In Chicago, I heard a towtruck driver on the radio saying “you can tell the 4wd vehicles – they’re the ones stuck further off the road in the field in the snow.” Meanwhile my main job is “don’t break anything that the customers can see” as the concurrent user count rises 20% or so every month . Resolute pessimism is sometimes accurate – particular when extrapolating – but – um – bad for my digestion. My pickup gets driven 100 to 300 miles per month.

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We, however, advise that you invest wisely when dealing with any broker in the financial market. The issue of whether the trading platform is legitimate or a scam should not be treated with levity. Many people have been victims of scammers posing as brokers to exploit unsuspecting traders of their xcriticals. Can you trust ActiveBrokerz to provide you with the services they claim to offer?

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Mind you, I agree that the reason for the delay is that the PTB are a bunch of suicidal morons who are looking at more accurate numbers than we are and saying “I’ll be dead by then” or more likely “that’s not until after the next election”. Large contracts go lower based on quantity discounts — buy a million lbs and you can pay under $22 per lb. That’s a reason no-one’s selling uranium derived from seawater right now. There was also some remediation of The Dust Bowl, which involved the U.S. Government, and I don’t know much more about this than that it happened.What people usually don’t realize is the amount of “remediation” involved in recover from the famine in 1933 and later, on the side of USSR government. Including “administrative measures”, as MattS @641 deigned to say (w.r.t Stalin’s punitive system).

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The stupidity isn’t helping, but it looks like there’s a sufficient consensus on treating just about everything as irrelevant to finding a way to get the information out there. Should that hold, I think that’s good news whole and entire. Anyway, getting development out of the high fire areas involves getting people in cities to accept denser housing, politicians to figure out how to build the infrastructure for densification, … It is tied to zoning areas which limit commercial or apartments to 2 or 3 stories, lack of public transportation (build a cheaper but decent apartment complex and how to those people shop or get to work?), and so on… Because educating those poor and letting them communicate relies heavily on satellites, as does not having them swept away by an unexpected monsoon.

Is a nasty little OP, dirty, corrupt and ideologically bankrupt. It’s also lazy, under-funded, irritating and not engaging unless you’re forcing people via other methods. If the runner isn’t aware of her role, that’s shameful what you’ve done to her Mind. Media Intelligencia realizing that Marketing Twitter bots are used on them was a funny tweet. We kinda assumed everyone knew already, it’s so obvious. Enjoyed that story about the mad russian speaker aged going to Scotland to rob a bank then fleeing to Manchester though, amusing.

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Yucca Mountain has been a contentious issue for roughly the past 30 years, and it took roughly the first half of that before there was consensus to proceed. The fact that it was likely one of the best options didn’t persuade enough people to make this option broadly accepted. (See “not in my backyard”.) It’s important to remember that just because something is technically feasible, that doesn’t mean it’s socially feasible. And if you stop funding the repository, as happened for Yucca Mountain, then some of the fearmongering becomes more realistic, further increasing opposition to the current and future options.

  • They are forced to suppress the internal reasons of discord, and in the same time they are forced to promote the same reasons in their opponents.
  • FactSteve Furber authorised expenditure to refurbish the “clean room” in the IT building, paving the way for the Graphene discovery .
  • The law was weakened, then fully repealed in 1995, by idiots who don’t understand history, and this resulted in the 2008 crash.
  • Free trade practically means that the big polluters do not need to pay for the pollution.
  • By the opposite logic, which anti-communists always apply, we should write off all of these 6.5 millions as victims of Syrian regime, because somebody forgot to tell the “historians” about migration.

Nothing the nuclear industry can do with regards to safety will convince the… Yeah, and none of that globalized slaughter to placate them this time, either. It’s MIND TIME, tunnels of Light and the magic tricks of perception this time. Nothing the nuclear industry can do with regards to safety will convince the Chicken Littles of this world.

If they’re being truthful (and I’m not sure they are), then we’ve got an even worse housing crisis, but since the sprawl involved very little affordable housing, they weren’t solving the problems we already have. I do a fair amount of development stuff on the environmentalist side, and I’ve got a couple of sources in the development industry. Of those, one sides with the developers on building sprawl, one says it’s BS brought on by a mix of ideology and greed.

Well, some areas of the world that’s likely correct, such as South America. And yes, Russia and Eastern Europe have rebounded from the extreme poverty of the Nineties, though standards of living are mostly still lower than before the Wall went down, except in the Baltics. But I looked over the comments on the “brown” website for India, and one commenter noted that the reason that India has “less extreme poverty” is that the government changed the goalposts for deciding what “extreme poverty” is. Whereas the small urban middle class is doing vastly better, the ocean of urban and rural extreme poverty in India is basically unchanged. Here in Europe, you have a resurgence of poverty in large areas, though only “extreme” in Greece. And hey, you have a huge increase in homelessness in the USA, up to some six-seven million by now, and if the standards for “extreme poverty” don’t include the homeless, there is something wrong with them.

The British public being small c conservatives is clearly nonsense. Most of us considered Quayle to be his insurance policy, since no one wanted President Quayle.Gee, you’re in a tight election race, why don’t you piss off 10,000 vehicles of folks who might vote for you? He was also aggressive in ways that a lot of folks, most of whom remembered ‘Nam far too clearly. Bush the Elder had a lot of negatives, including the “missing a few cards from the top of the deck” view of him. Then there’s Centers of the World, exemplified by you, who are trying to do 85, when traffic only is allowing about 53.5.

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